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10 cheap restaurants in Fuerteventura for lunch

Fuerteventura is a perfect place to disconnect from work, worries and, most importantly, to relax with your family. Beaches, parks, paths where you can walk for hours, and cheap restaurants in Fuerteventura for lunch and dinner, in addition to many leisure areas where you can entertain yourself and free your mind of worries.

But, in the time you spend visiting Fuerteventura, you’ll have to eat, right? Well, today we’re going to talk about the 10 cheapest restaurants in Fuerteventura for lunch. Take note of all of them, because one or more might just be near where you are staying.

Enjoy these cheap restaurants in Fuerteventura

La Vaca Azul

Some people say that one thing that can improve any meal is to eat with a view, and that is exactly what La Vaca Azul restaurant offers, located in El Cotillo. This is one of the most interesting villages on the island, with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and many things to see and do.

In this restaurant, you can sit at one of the tables that face the sea, so that you can enjoy the pleasant feeling of the sea breeze on your face while you savor their cuisine. Among their dishes, the best is the paella or the different types of fresh fish. A very tourist-friendly restaurant that is quite famous and where you will have to make reservations in advance if you want to get a table.

Pizzeria da Vivi

If we’re talking about cheap restaurants to eat at in Fuerteventura, we definitely have to mention Pizzeria da Vivi. Very good pizza, with the 100% Italian Luca being one of their specialties.

Very affordable prices, usually around €10-15 including drink. You can find it in Corralejo, with a privileged location just steps from the beach. After taking a dip or a stroll along the beach, it’s the perfect place for a bite.

La Jaira de Demian

While the capital of Fuerteventura is not the most beautiful part of the island, it is a place worth exploring a bit. Especially if you’re looking for something good to eat on a tight budget, because this is where you’ll find La Jaira de Demian, a restaurant run by a very professional owner and staff who have turned this place into one of the best on the island.

You can eat practically anything here, from the famous queso majorero cheese to octopus with papas arrugadas or «wrinkled potatoes». It’s quite a good value, and the ingredients that they use to prepare their dishes are all local, so the quality is pretty much guaranteed.

Single Fin Hamburgers

It’s totally normal to crave a good burger when you’re out and about, but could there be a place in Fuerteventura where they make them right and you can enjoy every last bite? Of course! At the Single Fin hamburger shop in Corralejo.

It is located very close to Playa de Corralejo beach, and their burgers are thick and juicy. They have a wide variety of options, not to mention a great value for the price. It would be a perfect place to bring the kids, especially if they are picky eaters.

La Bodega de Jandía

Would you rather have a meal of tapas that you can easily split with a group either when ordering or when paying? There’s no better place than Bodega de Jandía, located in Morro de Jave. A bodega with a very attractive, striking appearance, and also one where you’ll need to make a reservation in advance, because it’s always full.

Tapas with incredible flavor and a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to go for a snack after a long day touring the island, or just to relax a bit. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with their dishes.

Casa Santa María

This is, quite possibly, one of the best restaurants that we can recommend to you in all of Fuerteventura, located in Betancuria, one of the most charming villages on the island. If you are visiting the town, it would be perfectly natural for you to be drawn to the beaches in the area.

But after you’ve spent the day swimming and sunbathing, there’s nothing better than enjoying some local cuisine in this little restaurant. It’s not as cheap as the others on this list, but they have an excellent cabrito, or roasted goat kid. Once you try it, you’ll be happy to pay whatever they ask.

Marko y Moni Bar

Here, a bar isn’t just a place to have a drink; you can also enjoy the local cuisine, all made in-house. Marko y Moni Bar, located in Costa Calma, is a small establishment that will make you feel right at home, with lovely owners who prepare every dish on their menu with the utmost care.

One of their specialties is albóndigas con manzana, meatballs stuffed with apple, which we highly recommend you try. After a day at the beach, it’s the best place to go, and their prices are quite reasonable.

H2O Juice Bar and Vegan Café

Are you vegan? Don’t worry! Fuerteventura also has restaurants for people like you! You’ll find this one in Corralejo, and it’s one of the best on the whole island.

It’s a rather cute little place, where you can eat fresh foods made to order, from juices to crunchy, flavorful sandwiches. A perfect place for both vegans and non-vegans alike. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

El Bounty del Muelle

Are you staying in the island’s capital? Some of Fuerteventura’s cheap restaurants that are great for lunch or dinner are located in Puerto de Rosario, as in the case of El Bounty del Muelle. This is a business that lives up to that saying, «great quality, great price». You’ll find the restaurant right next to the Puerto del Rosario pier. Their menu isn’t huge, but that’s to be expected, since all of their dishes are completely homemade.

This is a place that fills up quickly, so you’ll need to reserve a table a few days in advance. A perfect place to order the local queso majorero cheese «a la plancha«, grilled, because you can watch how they make it. It’s something worth seeing!

Pizzart Caleta de Fuste

As the name suggests, this pizzeria is located in Caleta de Fuste. If you are visiting the area and traveling with children, don’t overthink it and just come here.

Here, you’ll find fast service with a level of quality that won’t disappoint and prices under €10 for most types of pizza. Plus, they have a wide variety of pizzas that you can choose from.