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The ‘Mal Nombre’ beach, the great unknown of Fuerteventura


In Fuerteventura, there are many beaches, and some are quite unknown to tourists. This is the case of the ‘Mal Nombre’ beach, a beautiful natural spot, quiet and where you can enjoy the good climate of the island.

A large area of land

The so-called by the locals as ‘Playa del Mal Nombre’ is away from the hustle and bustle of its neighboring beaches, making it the perfect place for those who are looking for tranquility and want to disconnect.

This beach is an unspoilt spot, at the entrance to the ‘Mal Nombre’ ravine, on the coast of the Jandia’s Peninsula (northern part of Fuerteventura). With a length of almost 1.3 km, and 50 meters wide, it is bounded by small cliffs that reach the sea.

Crystal clear waters and golden sand


Like its sister beaches, ‘Mal Nombre’ beach also has sand that looks golden when it comes into contact with the sun’s rays, very smooth and not at all uncomfortable to walk on.

One of its particularities is the tide, which comes and goes throughout the day. The water is white and crystalline, and fish can be seen swimming around the coast. Some may even come close to nibbling at the dead skin on your feet while you are walking into the water.

When the tide is low, small puddles are formed that invite you to swim, ideal for the little ones to splash around. The water is not very deep, and the waves are calm, so you can enjoy a good swim or a walk along the extensive coast.

The perfect place to spend the day

For all those who prefer to be on a big beach, but without the burden of feeling «crushed» by the bustle of the swimmers, the ‘Mal Nombre’ beach is the paradise you are looking for.

A perfect space to relax lying on the towel enjoying the sun, to walk along its extensive coast or to enjoy a good bath when the heat begins to overwhelm. There is no need to worry about parking, as there is a large car park near the entrance to the beach.

And if you haven’t had any snacks, or would like a cool drink, the beach bar known as ‘chiringuito’ is very easy to find. It offers both cold drinks and several of the island’s typical dishes. It also has a rental service of hammocks and parasols, for those who are not very prepared.

It can be an ideal romantic destination for a couple, as well as for a family with children. Since the tide is not very high, small children can swim along the coast without worrying the parents. And thanks to the puddles that form, they won’t even have to go into the sea to enjoy a swim.

One of the most spectacular beaches on the island, which, for better or worse, is not as well known as the rest of the beaches. Although, this is a good advantage if what you prefer is tranquility.