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What to do on a day in Fuerteventura? Make the most of the time!

Fuerteventura is a real paradise. Ideal for disconnecting from the stress of the city, especially taking a dip in its beaches. Now, are you going to spend your whole holiday in the water? There are so many wonders to see on the island! Would you like to make the most of your time? Follow this itinerary of what to do in Fuerteventura in one day!

Corralejo Dunes

The trip begins in the National Park of the Dunes of Corralejo. To get here you must leave Puerto del Rosario by the FV-1 road, about 25 kilometers from the capital

Why start here? Because it is quite an interesting place, with a wind that blows this 27 km2 area all day long. Besides, it is a perfect place for children, as they can play in its dunes.

Corralejo and Lobos Island

After spending some time in the Parque de las Dunas, it is time to travel 5 kilometers north to the tourist town of Corralejo, where you can walk along its commercial streets, its small zoo or the water park.

Don’t you like cities too much? Don’t worry, because you can take one of the boats to ‘Lobos’ Island, where you can enjoy the vegetation and animals of the island. If the weather is good, you can even go diving.

El Cotillo Beaches

Yeah, we said don’t spend all your vacation time on the beach. Moreover, we do not recommend you to go for a swim, but to know the wonders that the beaches of El Cotillo offer you.

El Cotillo is a chain of paradisiacal beaches and coves, with several wonders, such as the Castle of El Tostón, an 18th-century circular tower, and the original bridge. It is located near a cliff, just in front of the small port of the town.

La Oliva

Get into the car and drive 15 km to reach La Oliva, which gives its name to one of the six major municipalities of the island. What is so interesting about this place? It is the cultural counterpoint to this day in Fuerteventura.

In total there are three monuments that you cannot miss. The first one is the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria, whose festivity is in February. If you are lucky, and you are on the island at that time, you can enjoy music and dance shows and the local cuisine.

Your second stop is the La Cilla Grain Museum, an old barn transformed into a museum. Inside you will find photographs and farming tools, as well as interesting information about the different traditional agricultural methods of the region.

And the last stop on this day trip to Fuerteventura:‘La Casa de los Coroneles’ (the House of the Colonels). An old stately building that, at first sight, looks like a real fortress. It was built in the 18th century, and is sometimes used as a place for art exhibitions and shows.

While you are in this town, take the opportunity to enjoy some of its typical dishes. You will still have things to see on the island, but by following this 1-day itinerary in Fuerteventura, you will feel that you have made the most of the day.