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What to eat in Fuerteventura? These are the best eats!

Yes, Fuerteventura has many beaches to visit, and let’s not forget the amazing wildlife. But do you remember how we told you about majorero cheese and the majorera goat? They’re the most delicious grub in the city. But besides those, there are other traditional local dishes that you should try!

Fish and seafood

If there’s one thing you need to try when going to Fuerteventura, it would be the seafood, among which we can highlight:

  • Cazuela de pescado: Fish stew. Perhaps one of the most famous dishes of the majoreros, prepared with gofio, barnacles, mussels, winkles and snails. You’ll want to eat this delicacy until you’re absolutely stuffed!
  • Pejines: Similar to anchovies. They can be prepared fried, grilled or sundried. They are usually eaten as an appetizer.
  • Lapas: Barnacles. Unfortunately, they are only available in restaurants in certain seasons. They are grilled and served with a little mojo sauce. If you have the opportunity to taste them, you won’t regret it.
  • Sancocho: This dish is the result of a combination of salted fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mojo picón sauce and gofio. The potatoes and sweet potatoes are served separately from the fish, without broth. The sliced gofio is served at the center of the table along with the mojo in a sauce dish.

Goat meat

The island of Fuerteventura has a desert climate, so finding grazing land for livestock is a big problem. That’s why for centuries, the islanders have dedicated themselves to raising majorera goats, which are better adapted to that environment.

These goats provide the milk that they use to make the famous queso majorero cheese. However, they also consume the meat, and use it to make the well-known puchero canario de Fuerteventua. This dish is prepared in a different way in each zone on the island, so why not give it a try and see how you like it?

They also use the meat from goat kids, carne de cabrito, which is cooked with fried garlic or roasted in the oven. Also, don’t forget to try the majorero cheese, whose history dates back more than 2000 years.

Papas arrugadas with mojo picón

If you have some familiarity with international cuisine, you’ll know that one of the most famous dishes of the Canary Islands are papas arrugadas con mojo picón, wrinkled potatoes with a slightly spicy mojo picón sauce. Well, here in Fuerteventura you can give them a try, with each chef’s slight personal touch.


Are there any traditional desserts on the island? Of course there are! There are the ones we recommend you try when you go to a restaurant here:

  • Gofio: This dessert is prepared using a flour made from grinding up toasted maize or chickpeas. Depending on the region, it can be served in a dessert or used to make savory dishes.
  • Fachenda: A dessert made from egg, milk, almonds and sugar.
  • Leche machanga: Don’t be put off by the way it looks, because this dessert is very similar to pudding, and it has a flavor that you’ll simply love!
  • Frangollo: To prepare this dessert, lemon peels are added to milk, and the whole thing is boiled with flour, egg yolks, sugar and raisins… resulting in a very sweet treat!
  • Buñuelos de queso majorero: Majorero cheese puffs. So, you tried majorero cheese and you liked it? Then you’re going to love these fried majorero cheese puffs, one of the city’s best desserts!
  • Bizcocho majorero: A delicious cake made from chickpea flour with incredible flavor and texture.